Good Times or Bad, DRY-TECH Affiliates Are Making A GREAT LIVING and you can too!


CharlesKirk "We Worked on Carpet in a dealership the other evening and left with a fat check from a very happy customer for the evening. People are amazed with what they have seen and it's very exciting to watch them and their expressions. We are having a ball with this business. Thanks for all the support all of you have given us. We truly thank you."

- Charles Kirk · DRY-TECH Affiliate · Richmond, VA


"I recently obtained a small contract for a sixty rooms hotel to clean once every three months. And I have forty-five hotels pending to sign a contract from the same owner."

 -Tommy Simpson
 DRY-TECH Affiliate
 Annadale, VA


"I put 500 Flyers and eight people called."

 - Larry R. Bryan
DRY-TECH Affiliate



JimSchultz "I started my carpet and upholstery cleaning business approximately 5 months ago. My client base has grown to many customers in this short period of time including a very lucrative restaurant account. DRY-TECH has equipped me with efficient tools to get the job done right every time. Thank you DRY-TECH!!"

 - Jim Schultz · DRY-TECH Affiliate · Carlsbad, CA

Fred_Patricia "We wanted to semi-retire. We had enough income to get by, but not enough to really enjoy "the good life" including travels abroad which was always our dream. We looked at over 20 home businesses and decided on DRY-TECH Carpet Cleaning. It's been fantastic because we can work together as much or as little as we want. And now we make enough extra money to play more together! Hello Greece! That's our next trip!"

 - Fred and Patricia Cornell · DRY-TECH Affiliates · Aberdeen, WA


A_Nunez I started my DRY-TECH business. Within one week I already had jobs lined up, just through word of month. The DRY-TECH consulting staffs are awesome. They are always there to answer any questions I may have about the business. I'm telling you, this is the real deal!"

 - A. Nunez ·  DRY-TECH Affiliate · Sacramento, CA

Just wanted to thank you for this opportunity. Since I started business, I do not do very much residential work, but I started doing sub contract work for Ryan homes. They are a very large home builders in this area, so I've been cleaning all of their models, average 1 per development and over 40 developments. I have also been doing all of their under construction homes that have had water damage or framers with dirty shoes mess up their carpet. The equipment works wonders and have had nothing but compliments. I make 3 to 4 thousands every month paying a friend 8 dollars an hour part time. He works for me 20 to 30 hours a week, while I work full time at my other job The carpet cleaning business has been very profitable as you can see and I hardly touch it, most of the time only do the paper work. Once again thank you.

Thank you 
- Joel Bauman · Toledo, OH


My name is Robert and I just started my DRY-TECH business a few months ago and all I can say is thank-you for such an awesome business opportunity. I have made Great income in those that does exactly what it says and the people at Dry Tech I talk to are awesome and always there to help. There is no way you can fail with this opportunity just get out and do it. Short two months and plan on making much more. I cannot tell you how awesome it is to have a business.

- Robert Pierce · Absarokee, MT


Dear Eric. Thanks for creating the DRY-TECH System. It is allowing me to fulfill my dreams to be a business owner and be my own boss. My first job I made approximately $85.00 an hour, which is great money. I also secured an 80 unit apartment complex that I will be paid $225 for each unit that I clean. I have also completed 8 estimates and two of those I will be completing service next week. Things are going great.

- Billy Strickland ·  Dover, DE


I was cleaning the carpeting at a home with a living room with dimensions of 17' x 27'. I was about half done cleaning the carpeting in that room when the customer descended the stairs from the bedroom area. He exclaimed, "Oh my God! I can't believe the carpeting was that dirty." The difference in color from the cleaned to the dirty side was like night and day. It was unbelievable. There was actually a distinct line visible. He immediately mentioned that I should do the stairs and the hallway to the bedrooms. He was very satisfied. The job took me about 1 hours and 15 minutes to complete and I charged the customer $184.

Thank you for your help. 
- Keith Springer ·  Bethel, MN


I bought a carpet-cleaning machine for my son who goes to college part time. He makes more money in less time than he could with a fast food job or anything else. Last week he spent 2 hours putting flyers in mailboxes. Promptly, he got some phone calls and got 2 cleaning jobs at $300.00 each, which he did this week. Each job took him about 3 hrs. Pretty good deal. I am thinking of buying a machine for my other son too. It is good for them to learn about being entrepreneurs running a small business and finding value with a good service.

- Marc Kneepkens ·  Battlement Mesa,CO


This Business is Real !!!

"It's good to be in a business that's real with real money as the reward. The rewards are good with some jobs over $200.00 for a couple of hours work. This is great and the ongoing support is fantastic. All my questions are answered at the touch of the phone. I'm really happy doing business with them; they're with me all the way!!"

- Marty J. Connearney · Brockton, MA

The Company Lived Up to Everything They Said They Would Do!

"As with many other direct mail offers, I almost "round filed" your opportunity to start a home-based business. But something clicked, and upon talking with members of your staff, I got a really good feeling of trust and excitement. I decided that this was something my wife at 73 and I at 78 could handle to supplement our income. The company has lived up to everything they said they would do. Even though I live in a remote desert area, my business is virtually skyrocketing. I can honestly say you can't go wrong!"

- Hugh L. Lytle · McDermitt, NV

I am very pleased!

"Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to become one of your affiliates. I am very pleased and proud to be associated with such a find organization. It has been a very positive experience!"

- David Morgan · Coconut Creek, FL

I Made Money Immediately!

"I would like to thank you for making this opportunity available to me. Soon after my retirement, it became apparent that I was not the rocking-chair type. I began looking for a business opportunity. The offers that I received promised big profits for very little work. Needless to say, that never came to pass. I always ended up sending in money and making none. This was very discouraging. When I received your offer, my first inclination was to toss it. Then something caught my eye. Yours was certainly a switch from the offers that had previously flooded my mailbox. I read your package in detail. It sounded practical and believable. I accepted. As it was a service that most people need, I made money immediately."

- Henry B. Dominick · Temple Terrace, FL

Anyone Can Make Money With This!

"I held a respected position with corporate America for several years; earned an above average income and received many perks related to my position. I was fortunate in that I had an excellent job. However, everyday I came home both physically and mentally drained. My quality of life left much to be desired. I made a decision to resign my position and find another way to earn income. I became an affiliate and haven't looked back. In the short time I have been doing the business, I have quickly realized I will be able to easily exceed my previous income. My life is practically stress free and I wake up each morning anticipating the new day. I would encourage anyone to create their own success and this system makes it easy to be as successful as you want to be."

- Ruth Stewart · Stoneridge, PA

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