Answers to Common Questions

Q: Why is carpet/upholstery cleaning such a good home business?

 A: Everyone who lives in a house or apartment needs periodic cleaning of their carpets and upholstery. More-over, once you have satisfied your cus-tomer with the quality of your work, you have a repeat customer who will call you again and again.

Q: I see quite a few carpet cleaning businesses listed in the phone book. How can I successfully compete?

A: “Competition is a good sign. The more carpet cleaners you see in your area, the better. It’s a sign of high, healthy demand. However, most of the companies you see advertised have costly overhead which you as a home business do not have. You will be able to charge less and still make more. What’s more, you will find customers prefer to do business with a “personal touch”. Moreover, the exclusive DRY-TECH system and ads are far, far superior to most other systems and ads on the market today. I assure you, people will be attracted to your promotional message like a magnet.

Q: Who generally succeeds in your business – men or women?

A: It is about even. Women like helping to maintain homes that are neat and clean. Men just look at the bottom line – how much money can they make? Denny Revilio made $1,270 his first week as a beginner. Avital Schmulevich earned $104 an hour on her first jobs.

Q: Do husbands and wives often work together in this home business?

A: YES. A lot. A husband and wife team can do very well together. In fact, many of our husband and wife teams say as DRY-TECH affiliates they now make more money in ONE WEEK than they used to make in a month.

Q: Does DRY-TECH demand a percentage of my profits or any minimum annual purchase?

A: NO! DRY-TECH is not a franchise, although our support services are better than many costly franchises. You have just a one-time modest investment which includes everything described inside. You are in business for yourself. You pocket 100% of the profits.

Q: Once I purchase my DRY-TECH Carpet Dirt Extraction System, will I be able to learn how to operate it the same day I receive it?

A: Absolutely. The beauty of the exclusive DRY-TECH machine is its ease and simplicity of use. You’ll be able to service customers the day you receive it.

Q: I don’t like selling. What chance do I have of getting customers?

 A: You’ll get more customers than you can handle without face-to-face selling. DRY-TECH gives you all the direct mail and print ad materials you need to get prospects to call YOU. Our promotion strategies are proven to work. People who call you will al-ready be pre-sold. All you need to do is ask what they want done, and do the job. It’s as simple as that.

Q: When cleaning customers’ carpets, will I have to move furniture?

A: No, no, no! This is not a moving job. In fact, customers will not want their heavy pieces of furniture touched.The only things you move are small chairs, magazine racks, etc. And you are not moving them out of the room. You simply move them a few feet over, clean the carpet and put them right back to place. There’s no major furniture moving. In fact, the average carpet cleaning job can be easily handled by one person.

Q: Do DRY-TECH cleaning machines come with a warranty?

A: Yes. A full one-year warranty on parts and labor, and up to 6 years on the solution tank.

Q: How much do the DRY-TECH detergents cost and how much does one gallon clean?

A: One gallon of DRY-TECH detergent cleans approximately 6,000 square feet of carpet area. On average, it will cost you only about $4 to $5 to clean an area of about 1,000 square feet. You can charge your customer $180 to $200 or more for that size area. So you can see, your detergent cost is tiny by comparison!

Q: What if my machine breaks and needs service?

A: Your DRY-TECH machine is very powerful, heavy duty, and built to provide you with years of state-of-the-art performance. Should it need repair after your warranty expires, we have hundreds of authorized repair centers all over the country. Actually, most repairs are simple enough for you to repair yourself. You just locate the part number on the machine diagram in the manual and call us to order it.